Tom Work Collection – 50ml

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There are five scents in the set. The scents are similar to those found in Tom Ford’s collection: Tobacco Vanille is a modern, glorious scent that is infused with the subtle aroma of rare cigars and the enticing aroma of expensive spices that floats between tables at a social gathering. The aroma of Oud Wood is indescribable and exotic. Sensuality, Sichuan pepper sharpness, and agar oud refinement are all provided by valuable pink wood. These perfumes have a lot of unusual woody shades to them, and they enchant and stun the wearer with their spells. Tuscan Leather is a cypress leather that has been refined. Leather has always been the most delicate material that perfumers have worked with, and its multifaceted, sensual nature is revealed in a way that has never been seen before in Tuscan leather. A delicate, sensual, and extravagant scent. Enchanting fragrance for ladies. When it comes to deciding what to wear, a lady with the entire world at her feet will undoubtedly choose the Black Orchid perfume. The scent’s allure is revealed by the first notes of bergamot, sparkling citrus fruit, and juicy black currant. The scent is like a warm, orange drop of amber that has been frozen in time. This, in and of itself, safeguards the natural mystery that existed long before the first civilizations. These perfumes are suitable for both men and women.

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